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International delivery

We buy goods internationally and ships them in for domestic purchases and vise versa.

Import & Export

We are committed to provide your company with the high-quality import/export of goods and services of all types to the global market.


We locate items you require and arrange to have them transported to you safely and expeditiously.

We strive to best diversified
international export company

Across Oceans specialise in


Various kinds of commodities

Ores, Coal and products of its processing, Construction commodities and materials, Grain, Wood, Petroleum products, Alloys of iron and metal rolled products, Fertilizers, Textile’s and soft goods.


Direct contacts with manufacturers and sellers of commodities, retail chains, trade brokers and distributors, who provide us with strong positions on the market. This contributes to the improvement of relations between trade participants in Hungary and abroad.



The company is constantly growing since its foundation and expands the boundaries of its activity, increases the range of products, as well as increases its trade.


The export-import business becomes unique with the involvement of various stakeholders and risks, which do not come into picture with domestic trade.

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